Show me Your Knits!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Im the kind of person that Cannot possibly not have something on the needles, Something being seamed from the needles, thinking/planning about something for the needles, or simply reaqding knitting blogs. I love to have something to keep my hands busy! So after I finished My Cabled handbags knitting process,

I had to keep working! I got straight off to sew inthe Vintage pillowcase lining, And no way am I missing a chance to show of my *expert* sewing skills. Not.

The liner is fairly far down, in order to leave room for me to sew the handles on and easily lace the ribbon in. Im proud though, Im the worst sewer, plus I have to hand sew :O. So thats that. I need to buy ribbon and handles, and then were done! So as I was saying before, I need to be doing SOMETHING, so I decided to make a camera case to match when ?I came home from an exam today.

2 front views, back veiw, and top view. My tooth floss is modeling, because its impossible to take a picture of my camera dressed up with my camera.

And now Im thinking of making a shrug inspired by my little sweater when I was younger!

I want it to have sleeves that go Just above my elbow, and fasten at the bottom of the lace. I totally want a hood on mine too! This is going to be a while though.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Cable Handbag

So My exam was cancelled today, due to a storm, resulting in the growth of my Cabled handbag. Shes knit up in some bernat softee chunky (I think). Very beautiful though, despite being acryllic. I figured since Im not following a pattern and its sort of on a whim I might as well not get to spendy. Id like some dark wood handles for her when shes all said and done :).

Hanging out on my table, looking pretty!

Shes so arsty! :P

And yep, there she is. Hoping to head up to micheals on firday to purchase some nice handles and maybe some ribbon.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Studious scarf!

So I have my Big english Exam tomorrow. 2 hours shouldnt be that bad right? Right...SO While Ive been studying for exams all this week Ive found a solution to the inevitable hand cramping while writing review questions/notes/ect. Knitting! Every little while I will knit a row , Say between chapter summarys. Well Ive managed to create a cute scarf from said technique, here it is!

Bottom of scarf, cute tassles :P

And and early morning (excuse the red eyes and tired look, 7:30 am doesnt work with me, no matter what.)look at length.

Thats it! Must run to study!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Long time no blog. I was in Hawaii! Ive been working on my lovely green scarf (DIGI CAM PICS, Yes!).

Real color! Woo!

Ive also been working on a 1x1 rib scarf in black that I will post in a bit, I havent taken pictures of it yet.

Hawaii picture:

Monday, December 12, 2005

Another new project.

Today I need to make a list. Of every signle thing I need to take with me on my trip. If I failat making a list I ensure certain doom upon myself. I have the worst memory on this planet, no doubt. But besides the listing and planning there is knitting. Fun knitting none the less!

This scarf is black. I had to brighten and tweak with my webcam so much to make the cables show, since the colour is black and not something more elegant and gorgeous obviously the cables are more important. I saw a scarf on Delias that I really liked, but Im broke. I decided I could easily replicate it. Want to see the scarf? Yes, the patch scarf. Mine even has a pompom, I just havent gotten a good picture of it. Im hoping to finish this scarf soon, I want to wear it THIs winter haha!

Trying to show the whole thing.

Close up.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Progress report.

So today Was a lazy day, showered, watched tv, knit. Ive got one old project to inform you about and one old project to update you on!

So we will start off with what I call the cable lapgan, yes an aphgan for my lap! Its in a rather boring tan, but I have a big ball of it so I figured why not use what I have, its my own design so a sort of experimental pattern I guess. Anyways, [crappy] picture time!

An overall view, and my knees.

And a close-up. Neither are very true to colour.

And then theres the lace and agate scarf. Ive made progress, I swear! Its about 34 inches long now, halfway done! Progress picture?


PS. Im going to hawaii this christmas and a new digi cam is waiting for my family. Say goodbye to the crappy pictures!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005


Yes, a Finished object. The Dylan hat is complete!
Here Is a close up of the stitches

And here is it from a bit further away! Sort of a bad picture, makes it look as if the hat is a million miles high! Its the angle, I swear!

I hope The recipient is pleased. He better not think its too girly, or I am keeping it! This is a boy who doesnt eat salad because its too feminine *Rolls eyes*.

And info tiiime:
Yarn: Bernat chunky, some giant 1lb ball.
Pattern: My own, A simple ribbed brim hat, made on DPN's.
Needles: Double pointed , around 5mm.
Extra information: Took me two days, I casted on yesterday, finished today. The recipient has yet to recveive this hat, hopefully he loves it as much as I do! Im surprised to find that this 100% ACRYLIC Yarn is so soft and not at all scratchy. An eaaasy knit, cant wait to make myself one out of the GIANT Ammount of yarn leftover!

On a side not the agate and lace scarf is comming along just fine, Ive knit about 5 inches today, Its long enough to go around my neck now.