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Monday, December 12, 2005

Another new project.

Today I need to make a list. Of every signle thing I need to take with me on my trip. If I failat making a list I ensure certain doom upon myself. I have the worst memory on this planet, no doubt. But besides the listing and planning there is knitting. Fun knitting none the less!

This scarf is black. I had to brighten and tweak with my webcam so much to make the cables show, since the colour is black and not something more elegant and gorgeous obviously the cables are more important. I saw a scarf on Delias that I really liked, but Im broke. I decided I could easily replicate it. Want to see the scarf? Yes, the patch scarf. Mine even has a pompom, I just havent gotten a good picture of it. Im hoping to finish this scarf soon, I want to wear it THIs winter haha!

Trying to show the whole thing.

Close up.


  • At 4:03 PM, Blogger Katie said…

    pretty scarf. lol it must look great in black! i was wondering why everything was yellow, until i actually read the post. X/


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