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Monday, December 05, 2005


Yes, a Finished object. The Dylan hat is complete!
Here Is a close up of the stitches

And here is it from a bit further away! Sort of a bad picture, makes it look as if the hat is a million miles high! Its the angle, I swear!

I hope The recipient is pleased. He better not think its too girly, or I am keeping it! This is a boy who doesnt eat salad because its too feminine *Rolls eyes*.

And info tiiime:
Yarn: Bernat chunky, some giant 1lb ball.
Pattern: My own, A simple ribbed brim hat, made on DPN's.
Needles: Double pointed , around 5mm.
Extra information: Took me two days, I casted on yesterday, finished today. The recipient has yet to recveive this hat, hopefully he loves it as much as I do! Im surprised to find that this 100% ACRYLIC Yarn is so soft and not at all scratchy. An eaaasy knit, cant wait to make myself one out of the GIANT Ammount of yarn leftover!

On a side not the agate and lace scarf is comming along just fine, Ive knit about 5 inches today, Its long enough to go around my neck now.


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