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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Im the kind of person that Cannot possibly not have something on the needles, Something being seamed from the needles, thinking/planning about something for the needles, or simply reaqding knitting blogs. I love to have something to keep my hands busy! So after I finished My Cabled handbags knitting process,

I had to keep working! I got straight off to sew inthe Vintage pillowcase lining, And no way am I missing a chance to show of my *expert* sewing skills. Not.

The liner is fairly far down, in order to leave room for me to sew the handles on and easily lace the ribbon in. Im proud though, Im the worst sewer, plus I have to hand sew :O. So thats that. I need to buy ribbon and handles, and then were done! So as I was saying before, I need to be doing SOMETHING, so I decided to make a camera case to match when ?I came home from an exam today.

2 front views, back veiw, and top view. My tooth floss is modeling, because its impossible to take a picture of my camera dressed up with my camera.

And now Im thinking of making a shrug inspired by my little sweater when I was younger!

I want it to have sleeves that go Just above my elbow, and fasten at the bottom of the lace. I totally want a hood on mine too! This is going to be a while though.


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